Saturday, May 24, 2008

Exploading Toilet

The story always entails a man and a sliding glass window that he fails to notice is closed and crashes into. He has the sliding glass door open while mowing the lawn so he can go into the house, get a drink of water and cool off. His wife closes the door when he isn't looking.

Bang ! ( Guess u know what happened)

Earlier on, Where he was cutting the lawn, he had placed the gasoline for the mower in a glass jar. The wife cleans it up with paper towels in a panic. Later on the wife throws the gasoline soaked towels in the household toilet while the husband was in the route to the hospital.

Later that day, when the now heavily-sutured hubby returns home, he decides to use the bathroom.

After he sits down, he drops his lit cigarette in the toilet. It explodes, causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the man's rear and genitals. Once again, the paramedics come out to take him to the hospital.

The doctors or paramedics warn the man that his wife may be trying to kill him.)